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Business Services

PC / Laptop Repair If the computers in your organization are running slowly, TechBachelors has the fix to help your business make the grade. Whether it is software or hardware, TechBachelors can return your infrastructure back to optimal performance with minimal impact to your business and your customers.

PC / Laptop Upgrades Improving productivity in your business may be as simple as upgrading your computer. TechBachelors can analyze your present systems and determine affordable software or hardware solutions to improve capacity, speed, and performance.


New PC / Laptop Installations Installing software and migrating data on a infrastructure-wide level can be an overwhelming task. At TechBachelors, we can aid in this process and ensure that your new hardware will integrate seamlessly into your business. All software and data that you need will be migrated, and a TechBachelors Technician will explain new features, proper use, and answer all of your questions in plain English.


System Maintenance Your computer is crucial to the livelihood of your business. So it is imperative that routine maintenance is scheduled to ensure it continues to perform as it should. A TechBachelors Technician will perform diagnostic tests and routine maintenance that can extend the life of your system and safeguard your important data and applications.


Data Backup / Recovery Solutions Your businesses data is a valuable asset. For this reason, it is critical to run consistent backups. With proper backups, information and documents can be restored from a backup in the event of a catastrophic failure on your system. TechBachelors will work with you to develop easy, secure, and affordable backup solutions that will protect your precious information.


Printer Installations / Repair TechBachelors can help you find the printers that are right for your company, as well as install and configure them to work with all of your computers. We can also assist with any problems you may have such as print failures, paper jams, or driver updates.


PDA/Blackberry/Smartphone Installation - Personal Data Assistants and Smart Phones are convenient devices that can aid you in your personal and professional life. TechBachelors can provide assistance to you in making an informed purchase, configuring your device, and show you how to get things done to simplify processes and increase your productivity.


Software Tutoring TechBachelors can help you streamline your workflow and show you how to make your applications work for you. We can assist with Microsoft Office, Windows, and many Internet applications. Classes of up to 10 users can be arranged with short notice.


Wired Networking TechBachelors can assist you in installing, upgrading, or troubleshooting your network. Networked PCs can share resources, greatly improving productivity and reducing costs. Call TechBachelors today and our trained Technicians can assist you in making sure your network is running at peak efficiency.


Wireless Networking In addition to traditional wired networks, TechBachelors can also assist with installations, upgrades, or repairs to wireless networks. When traditional networks are inconvenient, impractical, or impossible, TechBachelors can assist you in ensuring your wireless network achieves top performance.


Website Design TechBachelors will work with you to develop an affordable and professional website. From simple to complex solutions, let us show you how a professional website can assist in marketing your message or product to your potential customers.


Don't see what you need? Call or e-mail us today. TechBachelors has many contacts in various Technology fields. We can put you in touch with like-minded professionals that can assist you with nearly any Technology solution.