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07-December, TechBachelors is now advertising on Craigslist! Look for us at

21-October, After many months of word-of-mouth success, the TechBachelors team has decided to go public with Thank you for checking us out!

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Computer Repair in Cleveland

TechBachelors is a full service IT Consultant Business.

We offer a wide variety of services for the home, corporate, or small-business environment. From PC maintenance and repair, to setting up your wireless network, to configuring your Technology for optimal performance, TechBachelors can help you every step of the way.

We exist to help you make the most of your Technology. Whether it is speeding up a slow PC, streamlining your software, or installing your new hardware, TechBachelors will be there to ensure that your Technology makes the grade.

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Why does the team at TechBachelors suggest that you use web-based email such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail instead of the "free" email address that you receive from your Internet Service Provider?

The answer is simple! Web-based email is free for life and will not become extinct when you change Internet Service Providers, such as switching from a DSL connection to a cable modem connection.